old consignments

Driving horse sale on April 11, 2013 starting at 2 pm

Last Sales top were two dutch harness-crosses at $4700/piece!

  • Draft horse consignment fee = $75.00/horse.
  • Tack Stall Fee = $25.00
  • Stallion Service Sale Entry Fee = $100 (includes 2 box stalls)
  • Stallion Service Sale Commission = 75% (25% goes to a needy family)
  • Vet Fee is $8.00/head for all horses

Use this online form to send your information.   Be sure to attach a copy of the registration papers.  If you would rather mail this information in, be sure to include a cover page that references your name and the horse’s name that you used to fill out this form.  If you would rather send the information via the mail, send it to one of the Committe Members.

There will be a flat fee of $100.00 (plus vet fee) for consigning and selling your driving horse! There will be a $50.00 “No Sale Fee,” plus you get a boxstall for your horse! If you were at last year’s sale you saw how well our facility works for selling driving horses.  Drive your horse in the arena as it sells! We will be taking consignments up to sale time on all horses but will limit head consigned.  You will have to consign early to be in the catalog and advertising.

The sale committee of the Midwest Select Sale reserves the right to reject any horses for any reason, including, but not limited to:  unsoundness, poor condition and improper documentation of health or registration.  All horses must have a current (2013) calendar year coggins test and a health certificate within 30 days of the sale.

Our consignment period is closed for this season.  Thank you and if you have a late paper that needs to be emailed send to info@midwestselectsale.com.  If you have any questions, phone Wilbur Helmuth at 608-897-8014.  Thanks.